Psychological and Spiritual Maturity

Maturity is a process between earth and heaven

As long as we live we will always be maturing, we will always be somehow a little immature. The effort to live humanly is worthwhile, it makes life on earth happier, it anticipates the joy of heaven, which is reached by climbing step by step, with the help of grace. 

Psychological and Spiritual Maturity is a resource website coordinated by Wenceslao Vial, professor of psychology and spiritual life at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome.

The site aims to offer theoretical and practical considerations from a Christian perspective, in order to understand better the relationship between psychology and spiritual life.

Professor Martín Luque and other university professors, doctors, psychologists and priests collaborate. We want interdisciplinarity to always enrich our contents.

With diverse perspectives, but always with a positive viewpoint and from the unity of the human being, we try to give light for an increasingly happy family and personal life.

We maintain and build new ties with various similar initiatives, in particular with Cultivating Humanity, which consists of a larger interdisciplinary team. This platform offers a wide array of practical resources for an exciting common task.

The hope is that this site sheds light for many people on how to live a happy family and personal life, in harmony with others.

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