Phlegmatic Temperament

Phlegmatics are restrained: they are peace-oriented

Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Wenceslao Vial, Alex Havard Test

        Strengths of the phlegmatic temperament:

    • Scientific in approach to reality.
    • Excellent listeners; they have great empathy for others.
    • Endowed with a strong sense of obligation and cooperation.
    • Known to possess a hidden will of iron; they are constant, loyal, and persevering.
    • Not easily insulted or provoked to anger; calm under pressure.

        Weaknesses of the phlegmatic temperament:

    • Content with the status quo, security, and routine.
    • Indecisive and terrified of making mistakes.
    • Seeking to avoid conflict at all costs.
    • Prone to passivity.

    🔎    Phlegmatics are challenged by magnanimity

After doing the test calculate the % of your dominant temperament:


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