Melancholic Temperament

Melancholics are deep: they are idea-oriented

Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Wenceslao Vial, Alex Havard Test


    Strengths of the melancholic temperament:

  • Deep, reflective, contemplative.
  • Idealistic and long for perfection.
  • Orderly and diligent.
  • Faithful, patient, and persistent. 
  • Able to handle the big crises with grace and aplomb.
  • Self-motivated: do not respond to the promise of reward nor the threat of punishment.

       Weaknesses of the melancholic temperament:

    • Prone to self-absorption.
    • Fearful of action in which human imperfection becomes manifest.
    • Pessimistic and magnify difficulties. 
    • Not open to running risks.
    • Extremely moody.
    • Ineffective team players.
    • Critical or judgmental of others.
    • Overly sensitive and unforgiving.

      🔎   Melancholics are challenged by audacity 

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