Considering the current challenges in family life and society, this section offers bibliographical suggestions, initiatives and various resources (programs for specific classes or sessions, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.) to help the work of people who are dedicated to providing Christian formation, including educators, priests and parents.

The work of formation is directed to promoting the fullness of the human condition and, as a consequence, to responding better to one´s specific vocation and mission. All this through identification with Christ, which is the fruit of grace and virtue. This implies living one's vocation with interior freedom. Emphasis is placed on the integration of one´s emotions in the different contexts of the person: dealing with Jesus Christ, family relationships, friendships, professional work, etc.

Five interrelated themes have been identified that influence the maturity of the person, especially in the present context:

  • 1. Developing a Christian personality
  • 2. Body and heart
  • 3. Healthy Psyche
  • 4. Friendship and the relational dimension
  • 5. Work and personal development

For each theme, some sub-themes have been chosen, about which we will develop resources.

We hope that many of our readers will make valuable contributions to this project: suggestions can be sent to: [email protected]

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