Choleric Temperament

Cholerics are intense: they are action-oriented


Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Wenceslao Vial, Alex Havard Test

    Strengths of the choleric temperament:

  • Enthusiastic, energetic.
  • Self-confident and aware of their talents.
  • Eminently pragmatic.
  • Natural entrepreneurs; they get many things started.
  • Natural managers; they get many things done in a short time.
  • Comfortable with power and flourish in competition.

    Weaknesses of the choleric temperaments:

  • Prone to pride, anger.
  • Susceptible to rashness (precipitate decisions and actions).
  • Slow to admit mistakes.
  • Inclined toward blind activism.
  • Confrontational and domineering.
  • Insensitive; known to disregard coworkers’ views and feelings.
  • Likely not to take the time to mold, convince, or teach the people they supervise.

        🔎    Cholerics are challenged by humility.

After doing the test calculate the % of your dominant temperament:


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