The Beauty of Sexuality and Emotions, knowing about sexuality to be happier

Love Talks: IFFD congress in the year of the family

On June 4-5, 2022, the First IFFD (International Federation for Family Development) World Congress will take place online.

The IFFD is an NGO whose mission is to help families around the world regardless of race, color, religion, sex or origin.

The title chosen, Love Talks, seems very appropriate for the challenge that the organization sets itself: to reach thousands of families around the world with a scientific, joyful and practical message for dealing with sexuality and human emotions.

The quality of love, and therefore happiness, depends on a good understanding of these two dimensions, sexuality and affectivity.

Knowledge of these subjects is not an optional subject if one wishes to live with joy and transmit that joy.

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40 experts from various countries will give short lectures (15/20 minutes) in English or Spanish (with translation from one language to the other) on sexuality and emotions. You can watch the presentation video below.

The congress is designed as a journey through the ages and situations of the person, from their education in childhood through the different stages of their personal and family trajectory.

The organizers point out that, along with scientific excellence, priority will be given to practical ideas.

The recognized experience of the IFFD in the family field, in more than 70 countries, leads us to believe that the time invested in these classes will be of great benefit.

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The congress seems to be a privileged opportunity to strengthen this important area of our life: the management of emotions and the sexual dimension.

The weekend of the meeting, June 4-5, all the papers will be available. The various subscription modalities allow, in addition, the access to the papers for several months.

Video presentation of the First IFFD Digital Congress: Love Talks