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Pornography on your Brain, your Heart and in the World

It has been proven that pornography can do damage at the brain level

One of the problems is that pornography may seem harmless, but when a person is careless, it bites like a viper.

The poison of pornography violently enters the spiritual immune system, so to speak, and gradually takes away the ability to react well to others, to think of others unselfishly, to struggle in other areas with fortitude, to love.

Pornography can be addictive like other drugs, and modify neuronal dispositions and the level of neurotransmitters.

Below we add the link to three videos developed by the Fight The New Drug website, that help to understand the magnitude of the problem and the damage it causes to the brain, the heart and human society.

With pornography, the brain receives, through our optical system, some super stimuli. The reaction of the brain nuclei, in particular the cerebral amygdala, is to produce more dopamine. Dopamine is the substance of reward and pleasure.

The question arises:

What is wrong with increasing dopamine with easy and accessible pleasure?

A major problem with pornography is that the excess dopamine it produces at the brain level fools normal physiology.

After a while, the usual pleasure stimuli, managed in the amygdala, may become ineffective. Stronger and stronger stimuli are required to produce the same results. It is the same thing that happens with drugs or alcoholism.

Pornography increases dysfunctions in the sexual sphere

The problem of dysfunctions is one of the reasons why people decide to seek help and cut with pornography that enslaves. Difficulties can also occur within marriage, increasing family breakups.

Pornography consumers, even in small quantities, have a higher risk of falling into pathological addictions, being subjected to super stimuli.

If pornography is not abandoned soon, the damages are longer lasting

Pornography not only modifies and affects the brain and the physical organism with its reproductive system, but also the heart in its metaphorical sense of the whole emotional world: it can tarnish the heart, as that place where we decide for good or evil, and which allows us to value the other person for who he or she is, and not as a disposable object, to be used and thrown away.

The affective world of those who allow themselves to be dragged into the vice of pornography is transformed. It is easier for these people to continuously sound the alarms of a negative emotionality, which opens the way to burnout and various forms of psychic pathology.

It is possible to cut pornography

The vice of pornography can end when one accepts that there is a problem, seeks help, understands the damage it does to oneself and others, and chooses safe and real paths to happiness. You can see in this web the article: Abandoning pornography in four steps.

The perception of the world and of other people changes with pornography

Little by little, but soon, with pornography everything is distorted: bodies are seen only as objects, the taste for what is really good is lost and the person always want more. As it happens with junk food, or the excess of alcohol or spicy chili, which prevent the taste of authentic flavors and enjoyment.

The Fight the New Drug website has made some 50-60 minute videos, with abundant scientific references, subtitled in several languages. They are a good way to understand the many reasons to stop making and consuming pornography.

Theoretically, pornography is illegal in several countries, but money has been more powerful and it is not prosecuted. Because of the harm it causes, the degradation it entails, especially for women, and the criminality it entails, it is to be hoped that there will be more initiatives to curb it.

The videos on the harms of pornography can be seen from this link: BRAINHEARTWORLD.

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