Schizoid Trait Characteristics,Schizoid behavior icon, Wenceslao Vial

Schizoid Trait Characteristics

Schizoid Disorder belongs to Cluster A: rarity and eccentricity stand out.

  • Little emotional expressiveness
  • Introversion  
  • Solitary, tendency to withdraw  
  • Cold and distant 
  • Detachment in social relations without special subjective suffering 
  • Absorbed by their thoughts and sensations 
  • Fear of friendship and intimacy, not because of exaggerated shyness, but because of a deficit in their affectivity 
  • More speculative than practical 

* It is thought to be a form of defense against a conflict marked by the desire to come into contact with others, and the fear that this relationship may cause harm.

* Among the causes are children who suffered rejection and lack of attention from their mother at an early age.

 * It leads to an important lack of identity, because it makes one unable to know for sure who one is.

*It can be present in 4.9% of the general population, and is more frequent in men than in women.

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Source (in Spanish): Wenceslao Vial, Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Palabra.