Histrionic Trait Characteristics, histrionic behavior icon

Histrionic Trait Characteristics 

Histrionic disorder belongs to Cluster B: there is extroversion, amplified or unpredictable emotionality.

  • Artificial and theatrical 
  • Exuberant, changeable, childish and superficial emotionality
  • Exaggerated attention-seeking
  • Frivolous interpersonal relationships 
  • React badly and are unhappy if they are not the center of attention 
  • Seductive and provocative 
  • Desire for dependence and protection hidden behind a mask 

* They are suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others and by circumstances.

* They invent illnesses. 

* The prevalence in the general population is 1.84%.

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Source (in Spanish): Wenceslao Vial, Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Palabra.