Dependent Trait Characteristics, dependent behavior icon

Dependent Trait Characteristics 

Dependent Disorder belongs to Cluster C: introversion and fear are prominent.

  • Pathological need to be cared for 
  • Intense suffering due to relational difficulties
  • They place the responsibility for their lives on others.
  • Insecure about their abilities and unable to make decisions 
  • Fear of offending the people they depend on

* They are capable of anything, including very humiliating actions or unpleasant tasks, to avoid being left alone or autonomous, which leads to submissive behavior.

* When they end a more intimate relationship, they urgently seek another as a source of support. 

* The prevalence in the general population would be less than 1%.

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Source (in Spanish): Wenceslao Vial, Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Palabra.