Antisocial Trait Characteristics, Icon of antisocial behavior

Antisocial Trait Characteristics

Disorder belongs to Group B: there is extroversion, amplified or unpredictable emotionality.

  • Easily override the rights or feelings of others 
  • Tendency to abuse others for personal gain 
  • Impulsive, irresponsible and violent 
  • They do not tolerate frustration or respect rules
  • Associated with drug addiction, promiscuity, infidelity, professional failure and criminality in general
  • Related to sadistic personality, tendency to enjoy humiliation, suffering, fear and pain of others 
  • They seek to punish or dominate others
  • Absence of guilt and remorse

* There may be a childhood history of petty theft or cruelty to animals and other children.

* In adolescence, alcohol or drug abuse and confrontations with authority may begin.

* It manifests itself around the age of 15 years, although for a doctor to make the diagnosis must have reached 18 years. 

* When there is a special dangerousness and attraction for violent acts and crimes, we speak of psychopaths.

 * The prevalence is 0.2 to 3.3% in the general population. It is more frequent in men.

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Source (in Spanish): Wenceslao Vial, Madurez psicológica y espiritual, Palabra.