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Good Humor and Holiness in one Prayer attributed to Thomas More

(London, 1478-1535)

«Give me, Lord, a good digestion
and, naturally, give me something to digest.

Give me the health of the body
and the good humor necessary to maintain it.

Give me, Lord, a holy soul
that keeps the memory of all that is good, beautiful and pure,
so that, when I see sin, I may not be frightened,
but may find the means to set things right.

Give me a soul that knows neither boredom
nor murmuring, grumbling, complaining or moaning,
and knows neither groaning nor sighing,
and grant that I may not be troubled, nor give importance
to that embarrassing thing I call "I".

Give me, Lord, a sense of humor;
give me the grace to know how to accept jokes...
so that I may bring a little joy out of life
and make others share in it as well,

Note: Prayer found in Chester Cathedral, by anonymous author. Often attributed to St. Thomas More.

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Source: Book, Madurez psicológica y espiritual, p. 361.

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