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Discover with this test your natural and innate way of being, 

the biological substratum of your personality

Your temperament is a gift.

The knowledge of your temperament will help you become an attractive and happy personality.

On the foundation of biological temperament, you build spiritual character (the virtues).

Since Hypocrates and Galen we know there are 4 temperaments, which are related to the "humors": black bile (melancholic), yellow bile (choleric), phlegm (phlegmatic) and blood (sanguine). The Greeks were not mistaken about the existence of the 4 temperaments, although they were wrong about their origin (the theory of humors).

Discover here the characteristics of each temperament:

If, after taking the test, you think you possess all of the four temperaments, you have confused your first reaction (what you want to do), which is the result of temperament, with your second reaction (what you actually do), which is the result of temperament and character.

(It takes 4 minutes)

Temperament test online in five languages:

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