Praying with all our being 

We need to use the richness of our emotions in the life of prayer. The author enters the inner world of the Christian who prays. He delves into an action that is still very much in vogue and, above all, is essential to the human being: addressing the creator.

In prayer, this dialogue with God, feelings, emotions and passions are important. In other words, the entire affective world that gives life to our psychic reality is shown to be closely related to the spiritual dimension.

In this article we study various themes of the relationship between Christian prayer and the world of emotions and affections.

The first section studies how prayer involves the whole person, with all its dimensions. Then the concentric circles of the human psyche are described. There follows an explanation of how affects have been present in the Church.

After this, the article explains the essential importance of personalization in one's own prayer. The next isue and the most important is the encounter with Jesus of Nazareth, with our gaze, face and heart. All this need interior recollection, that is the last topic.

Outline of the article

1. Prayer involves the whole person
2. Concentric circles of the human psyche
3. Affections in the Prayer Tradition of the Church
4. The essential personalization
5. The Encounter with Jesus of Nazareth
a) Gaze
b) Face
c) Heart
6. Interior recollection

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