Towards a path of dialogue on the question of Gender theory in Education

Facts. If they tell you that an apple is a banana, don't believe it. That's how a well-known news company has announced itself. Dialogue from science is psychologically sound. This is the dialogue sought by the Vatican document, dated February 2, 2019, published on June 10, 2019. 

Listening, reasoning and proposing are the three suggested notes for an attractive path to the truth.

Faced with the avalanche of children, especially adolescent girls, asking to delay puberty, it is appropriate to speak of an educational emergency, as the document does. The absence of dialogue has led to the imposition of incoherence. Laws copied from one country to another have shaped contradictory ideas. The choice of gender has been removed from the medical field, without taking into account that it is impossible: anyone who wants to change their biological sex, will have to be subjected for life to a continuous medical treatment, using hormones of the opposite sex. The public has no longer been informed of the serious health risks, including tumors and cardiovascular problems that these treatments produce.

Economic interests partly explain the silence of the powerful. The exploitation of the woman, who gives up her body (and soul), is depicted as an act of love and altruism in school books for young children. There is no mention in these texts of the suffering of surrogate mothers, nor of the enrichment of the minorities who dominate the market. The educational alliance between the family, the school and society, which the document desires, is very necessary. In this way the sense of love and human sexuality will be strengthened, with the utmost respect for each person.

A serene reading of the world around us, based on scientific data and facts, is light for faith and reason.